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Influence of the Ultimate Torsion on the Geometry of Dental Implants

Ana Beatriz V. Teixeira Gabriela B. S. P. Beja Antônio Carlos Shimano Ana Paula Macedo Nathalia Ferraz Oliscovicz Andréa C. dos Reis About the authors

This study evaluated the profile of implants subjected to torsion test. Four types of implants (Conexão®) were analyzed: Master Porous (MP - external hexagon, cylindrical, double-porous surface implants; 11.5 X 3.75 mm), Master Screw (MS - external hexagon, cylindrical, machined implants; 11.5 X 3.75 mm), Conect Conic (CC - external hexagon, cylindrical, machined implants; 11.5 X 3.5 mm) and Master Conect AR (CA - internal hexagon, cylindrical, double-porous surface implants; 11.5 X 3.75 mm). The Nikon® model C profile projector was used for the analysis before and after torsion test with a Mackena® model MK-20XX digital torque meter. The measures analyzed in the profile of implants were: diameter and height of the platform, diameter of the screw/platform connection, angle of the screw/platform connection, external diameter, internal diameter, thread pitch, height and length of the thread. Statistical analysis was performed using ANOVA and Tukey test at 5% significance level. The torsion test caused a visible deformity on the external implant profile. There was a statistical difference among the implants before and after torsion (p<0.05) for the variables: platform diameter, platform height, diameter of the screw/platform connection and length. Changes were observed in platform height of CC and CA, fracture of CA implants, fracture of the MP and MS assembler/connectors, and internal thread stripping of CC. Thus, it was concluded that excessive or some unadvised torque by the manufacturer can lead to changes in different geometric measurements of implants.

dental implant; profile of dental implants; torsion test

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