Evaluation of the etiology of ocular globe atrophy or loss

This survey investigated the etiology of atrophy or loss of the ocular globe in patients assisted at the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic of two Schools of Dentistry in São Paulo State, Brazil. A total of 238 patients were examined and their clinical files were reviewed. The etiology of eyeball atrophy/loss was assessed with respect to gender, age group, affected side and type ophthalmologic surgery performed. The greatest incidence of ocular globe loss was due to traumatic etiology (57.14%), followed by pathogenic (36.13%) and congenital (5.04%) etiologies. Comparing the genders, a predominance of male patients was observed (61.76%; p<0.01). The age group most frequently affected was between 21 and 40 years (42.01%; p<0.01). For all types of etiologies investigated in this study, enucleation was the most commonly used surgical procedure for removal of the ocular globe (66.38%; p<0.01). Loss of the left eye was predominantly seen (55.04%), even though no statistically significant difference was found between sides (p>0.01).

ocular bulb loss; artificial eye; ocular prosthesis

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