Bioethics and biotechnical moral enhancement


The rapid development of neuroscience has given rise to expectations regarding the potential medical- therapeutic applications of neurological and behavioral diseases, which remain incipient and provisional. Proposals of cerebral interventions to enhance cognition, memory and learning, meanwhile, have advanced more quickly. Neuroethics analyzes the uses, abuses, benefits and risks of bioenhancement. Recent publications in bioethics journals have debated the urgent need for an instrumental and moral bioenhancement, due to the protracted and insufficient moral maturation achieved by the traditional processes of education and socialization, which have been too slow to meet the cognitive development of technoscience, due to the risk that such technology might fall into the hands of individuals and groups who wish to carry out actions with catastrophic results. Latin American bioethics must actively participate in the debate on the moral enhancement of biotechnology, in view of the local consequences of research and the potential implementation of cerebral interventions for moral ends.

Bioethics; Medical, ethics; Neurosciences; Cognitive neuroscience; Moral development

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