Educational practices in the training of university students regarding violence against women

Patrick Leonardo Nogueira da Silva Sibelle Gonçalves de Almeida Aurelina Gomes e Martins Mônica Antar Gamba Elaine Cristina Santos Alves Renê Ferreira da Silva JuniorAbout the authors


This study aims to analyze the educational practices in the professional training of university students regarding violence against women.This descriptive, exploratory study utilized a qualitative approach, addressing eight university students from a public institution. The study used a semi-structured interview, and the statements were recorded and transcribed in full. Data analysis was conducted through content analysis. It was observed that most students said they had not studied violence in undergraduate programs.By enabling the development of skills to deal with abused women, the educational practices of the extension project are significant to the learning process, contributing to academic and professional development, despite the difficulties encountered during these activities. Therefore, it is concluded that academics and professionals should be trained in a multidisciplinary way to work within the community in the care of victims of violence.

Women’s health; Violence against women; Education, higher; Health education; Health promotion

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