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Population biology of Parides anchises nephalion (Papilionidae) in a coastal site in Southeast Brazil

Biologia populacional de Parides anchises nephalion (Papilionidae) em uma área litorânea no Sudeste do Brasil

A population of Parides anchises nephalion was studied during seven months in SE Brazil. The population size was about 10-20 individuals (with theoretic maximum near 60 individuals), with small variations in some months. Sex ratio was male biased, with males dominating in all months. The age structure was not stable, with an increase in new individuals before the population peak in December. The residence time was 14.1 ± 8.2 days for males and 9.0 ± 3.6 to females, with the maximum registered of 30 days. Males can travel distances of up to 400 m, but most individuals were always recaptured in the same site. The mean forewing length was greater in females. The population features agree with those found in other species of Parides in other neotropical sites.

Papilionidae; Parides; population biology; Troidini; mark-realease-recapture

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