Geostatistics as a tool to improve sampling and statistical analysis in wetlands: a case sudy on dynamics of organic matter distribution in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, Brazil

A geoestatística como ferramenta para aprimorar a amostragem e a análise estatística em áreas inundáveis: um estudo de caso sobre a dinâmica da distribuição da matéria orgânica no Pantanal de Mato Grosso, Brasil

F. NOGUEIRA E. G. COUTO C. J. BERNARDI About the authors

The Pantanal of Mato Grosso presents distinct landscape units: permanently, occasionally and periodically flooded areas. In the last ones, sampling is especially difficult due to the high heterogeneity occurring inter and intrastratas. This paper presents a comparison of different methodological approaches showing that they can influence decisively the knowledge of distribution organic matter dynamics. In such an area in order to understand the role of the flood pulse in the distribution dynamics of organic matter in a wetland at the Pantanal, we considered that there is spatial dependence between points. This consideration contradicts the classical statistic principle that focuses on the aleatority, and allowed the obtainment of a larger volume of information from a minor sampling effort, which means better performance, with time and money economy.

geostatistics; sampling; organic matter; Pantanal of Mato Grosso

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