Replacement level of rubber seed cake for soybean meal on the growth of Japanese quail

Nível de substituição do bolo de semente de borracha pelo farelo de soja no crescimento da codorna japonesa

G. L. Nnadi V. C. Simeon–Ahaotu P. De los Ríos-Escalante E. O. Ahaotu About the authors


A four-week feeding trial on the simultaneous replacement of 0 to 50% of soybean meal and 0 to 100% of soybean oil on the growth performance, carcass composition and profitability was conducted using 45 randomly chosen one-week-old growing Japanese quail. The five experimental diets were; D0= Diet containing 20% soybean meal and 4% soybean oil (control diet), D1= Diet, where 12.5% of soybean meal and 25% of soybean oil has been replaced by RSC; T2 = Diet, where 25% of soybean meal and 50% of soybean oil has been replaced by RSC; T3 = Diet, where 37.5% of soybean meal and 75% of soybean oil has been replaced by RSC; T4 = Diet, where 50% of soybean meal and 100% of soybean oil has been replaced by RSC. Results demonstrated that in raw rubber seed the proportion of kernel to hull is 64: 36. Proximate components of the boiled and sundried full fat rubber seed kernel (RS) were, moisture = 96.6%, ME = 5305 kcal / kg DM, CP = 17.6%, EE = 51.05%, CF = 8.5%, NFE = 18.25% and Ash = 4.6%. The body weights of the birds at 35 days of age in all dietary treatments were statistically similar. The feed intake of the quail among different dietary groups was varied significantly (p < 0.05) and there was a tendency of decreasing the feed intake at 25% and above inclusion level of RSC. The body weight gain and FCR were also statistically similar in all dietary groups. The feed cost and total production cost /kg BW of quail was also found to become steadily higher (p> 0.05) at higher RSC inclusion level. The muscle development was found to better at lower (%) RSC level, whereas the organs were enlarged at higher RSC inclusion. Results on the majority of the production parameters, and economics and carcass yield parameters suggested that the simultaneous replacement of maximum 50% soybean oil 25% soybean meal by processed RSC might be suggested, particularly, there will be a crisis in the availability of these two ingredients.

rubber seed cake; soybean meal; growth performance; japanese quail

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