Editorial Note

Editorial Note

Biodiversity is the basis for the functioning of our planet’s biosphere and the maintenance of its water and energy cycles.

Flora and fauna play a crucial role in maintaining not only the structure and function of Earth but also in providing the foundation for continuing evolution and interaction among species. Yet the Editorial of Science (November 11, 2005, Biodiversity Science Evolves* * Dirzo R. and Lorean M. ) stresses that biodiversity is continuously and increasingly threatened and impacted by minor and major anthropic activities.

We heartily endorse the statement of the aforementioned Editorial to the effect that there is "an urgent need to integrate biological and social disciplines in order to incorporate biodiversity conservation and use in mainstream policy worldwide". (op. cit. Science)

The Brazilian Journal of Biology is an outlet for the publication of scientific papers on Neotropical Biology. Its role is to publish high quality papers on the science of biodiversity and on every relevant aspect of biodiversity in the Neotropics. Papers that integrate the role of biodiversity and its interaction with social development in the Neotropics are therefore particularly welcome.

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    Dirzo R. and Lorean M.

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