Effects of maternal high fat intake during pregnancy and lactation on total cholesterol and adipose tissue in neonatal rats

Efeitos do consumo materno de dieta hiperlipídica durante a gestação e lactação no colesterol total e tecido adiposo de ratos neonatos

M. S. Lima G. S. Perez G. L. Morais L. S. Santos G. S. Cordeiro R. D. Couto T. C. B. J. Deiró C. G. Leandro J. M. Barreto-Medeiros About the authors



Obesity during pregnancy is one of the most established risk factors for negative long-term programming. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of maternal consumption of a high-fat diet during pregnancy and lactation on the weight gain, visceral adipose tissue and cholesterolemia in neonatal rats.


Wistar rats were divided into two groups according to the mother's diet during pregnancy and lactation: Control group (CG, n = 12) were the offspring of rats fed a standard diet (4% lipid) and the Test group (TG, n = 12) were pups rats fed on a high fat diet (23% lipid). The weight of the animals was measured on alternate days until the 22nd day of life, when collected visceral adipose tissue and blood were collected for biochemical analysis. For statistical analysis the Student t test, Sidak´s teste and two way ANOVA was used, with p <0.05.


the test group showed differences in weight gain, visceral adipose tissue and higher cholesterol.


a maternal exposure to a high-fat diet during pregnancy and lactation can promote changes in weight gain, hypercholesterolemia and an increase in adipose tissue in neonatal rats.

high fat diet; neonatal rats; cholesterol; visceral adipose tissue

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