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Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and soil phosphorus level on expression of protein and activity of peroxidase on passion fruit roots

Efeito dos fungos micorrízicos arbusculares e dos níveis de fósforo no solo sobre a expressão de proteínas e a atividade da peroxidase em raiz de maracujazeiro-amarelo

The effects of mycorrhizal inoculation and increasing soil P levels on the expression of total proteins and peroxidase activity on passion fruit roots were evaluated. The experimental design was entirely at random, with four treatments of inoculation (a - control; b - Gigaspora albida; c - Scutellospora heterogama; d - mixture of G. albida, G. margarita, S. heterogama, and Glomus clarum) × three levels of soil P (4, 11, and 30 mg/dm³ of soil), each with three replicates. Plants were harvested 70 days after inoculation, when root colonization, shoot P level, protein content, and enzymatic activity of peroxidase (PAGE - 7%) on root extract were evaluated. Regarding protein, there was no significant difference among the treatments, except between those roots receiving mixed inoculum and 11 mg P/dm³ of soil. Effect of P on protein concentration, when compared with the inoculation effect was observed. For peroxidase, there was an eletrophoretic band common to all treatments (rf: 0.43) and another that was absent only in noncolonized plants, grown in soil with lower P (rf: 0.46). Mycorrhizal specific bands were not present but a small decrease of intensity of bands in noncolonized plants was observed. Conversely, the control roots presented a single band (rf: 0.33) not observed in the other extracts, that may demonstrate an inhibitory effect of AMF on some host activities. The data showed the influence of P level in soil on the protein expression of roots, suggesting the influence of this nutrient on root genetic expression as well as on the mechanisms of symbiotic control/recognition.

mycorrhiza; root proteins; peroxidase; passion fruit

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