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The publication strategy of the Brazilian Journal of Biology includes the production of special numbers that give attention to neotropical ecosystems or topics of relevant scientific interest. The Brazilian Journal of Biology has published six special numbers in the last few years (Vol. 67.4 (Suppl.); Vol. 68.4 (Suppl.); Vol. 69.2 (Suppl.); Vol. 70.3 (Suppl.); Vol. 70.4 (Suppl.); Vol. 71.1 (Suppl.)).

For 2011 and 2012, we are preparing two new special numbers with guest editors: Amazonia Biodiversity and Impact of Climatic Changes on Neotropical Ecosystems (provisional titles).

Other topics of relevance are in preparation: Ecohydrology applied to neotropical management and São Francisco river management.

The Editorial Board considers that this strategy is a very important mechanism for the consolidation the journal.

The Editorial Board received from Thomson Reuters the following message:

The Brazilian Journal of Biology will receive its first Journal Impact Factor in the 2010 JCR. This is the first year it was eligible since coverage began with the 2008 issues.

The Editorial Board

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