Parotocinclus planicauda, a new species of the subfamily Hypoptopomatinae from Southeastern Brazil (Ostariophysi: Loricariidae)

Parotocinclus planicauda, uma nova espécie da subfamília Hypoptopomatinae do Sudeste do Brasil (Ostariophysi, Loricariidae)

J. C. Garavello H. A. Britski About the authors

Parotocinclus planicauda, a new species from a tributary of the Doce River drainage in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, is distinguished from all other species of the genus by the presence of a caudal peduncle almost quadrangular in cross section; the anterior position of the adipose fin, close to the dorsal fin insertion; and very small orbits. A key to the Parotocinclus species of eastern Brazilian coastal rivers south of the São Francisco River is provided.

neotropical; freshwater fishes; systematics; Doce River; Brazil

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