Relation between small-mammal species composition and anthropic variables in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Relação entre a composição de espécies de pequenos mamíferos e as variáveis antrópicas na Floresta Atlântica Brasileira

N. Olifiers R. Gentile J. T. Fiszon About the authors

Anthropic activities are frequently related in many ways to forest fragmentation and alteration of natural communities. In this study, we correlate the presence of hunting, tourism activity, agriculture/pasturing, and the distance of the study sites to the nearest human residences with the species composition of small Atlantic forest mammals. To do this, we utilize a multiple regression analysis of similarity matrices. The presence of both agriculture/pasturing and human residences near the study sites proved to be determinant factors in species composition of small mammals of the studied areas. Working with socioeconomic variables related directly with the study site could be a reliable and a direct way to predict the influence of human presence and entailed activity on small mammal communities.

species composition; small mammals; habitat disturbance; fragmentation; human activities

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