Alkaline extraction of humic substances from peat applied to organic-mineral fertilizer production

B. Saito M. M. Seckler About the authors

An organic-mineral fertilizer based on humic substances (HSs) and potassium was developed based on the alkaline extraction of HSs from peat. The HSs have interesting properties for use as a fertilizer since they improve the physical and chemical structure of the soil and provide a source of organic carbon which is readily absorbable by the plants, whereas potassium is a primary nutrient for plants. It was found that highly decomposed peats containing a small inorganic fraction are more favorable for the extraction of HSs. Using these peats, organic-mineral fertilizers that meet the Brazilian legislation have been obtained for a peat-extractant mixture containing 2.57 wt% total organic content (TOC), a K2O/TOC ratio of 1 wt% and an extraction time of 12 hours.

Peat; Humic substance; Humic acid; Fertilizer; Organic-mineral fertilizer; Alkaline extraction

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