Mycocinogenic yeasts isolated from Amazon soils of the Maracá Ecological Station, Roraima-Brazil

Leveduras micocinogênicas de solos da Estação Ecologica de Maracá, Roraima-Brasil

Marcos José Salgado Vital Jacqueline Abranches Allen Norton Hagler Lêda Cristina Mendonça-Hagler About the authors

The 240 yeasts isolated from soils of the Maracá Ecological Station in the Brazilian Amazon were identified and screened for mycocin production. These strains included 82% of ascomycetous and 18% basidiomicetous affinities and the prevalent species were Candida etchellsii, Candida famata, Candida robusta, Candida rugosa, Candida valida, Debaryomyces hansenii, Cryptococcus albidus, Cryptococcus laurentii, Rhodotorula glutinis, Rhodotorula minuta and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa. Mycocins able to kill some yeasts were produced by 6 strains identified as Issatchenkia sp., Saccharomyces exiguus?, Williopsis saturnus, var. subsufficiens, and 3 W. saturnus according to 26S rDNA D1/D2 region sequence and phenotypic data.

Mycocins; killer yeasts; tropical soil; Issatchenkia; Saccharomyces; Williopsis

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