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Pathogenicity characteristics of stocked and fresh yeasts strains

Características de patogenicidade de amostras de leveduras preservadas e recém-isoladas

In order to evaluate the pathogenicity of yeasts of medical importance, 15 strains stocked in mineral oil at the URM Culture Collection of the Department of Mycology, Biological Sciences Centre, Federal University of Pernambuco and 15 fresh strains isolated from AIDS patients interned at the Clinical Hospital, Centre of Health Sciences, Federal University of Pernambuco, were selected. As pathogenicity characteristics, the ability to grow at 37ºC and production of phospolipase and proteinase were tested. All samples grew at 37ºC and exhibited proteinase activity. However when tested on solid medium, the proteinase activity was negative. Among 15 stocked samples, 13 (86.66%) were phospholipase positive and two (13.34%) were phospholipase negative. From the 15 samples isolated from AIDS patients, four (26.66%) were phospholipase positive and 11 (73.34%) were phospholipase negative.

yeasts; pathogenicity; temperature; phospholipase; proteinase

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