Scanning electron microscopy of conidia of Trichoderma stromaticum, a biocontrol agent of witches' broom disease of cocoa

Microscopia eletrônica de varredura de conídios de Trichoderma stromaticum, um agente de biocontrole da vassoura-de-bruxa do cacaueiro

A field emission electron microscope (SEM) was used to study the conidia surface of Trichoderma stromaticum, a biocontrol of witches broom disease of cocoa. Surface features of conidia were difficult distinguish by light microscope. Conidia appeared to be verrugose and minutely roughened, but the nature of the roughening was not easy to discern. It was common to observe sheath-like structures that completely covered groups of conidia, and also details of wide cells that form the pustules.

Biological control; cocoa; Crinipellis pernisiosa; morphology of conidia

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