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The learning progression of diagnostic sialendoscopy Please cite this article as: Steck JH, Stabenow E, Volpi EM, Vasconcelos ECG. The learning progression of diagnostic sialendoscopy. Braz J Otorhinolaryngol. 2016;82: 170-6. ☆☆ ☆☆ Institution: ONCCAPE - Clinic - Head and Neck Surgery Service.

José Higino Steck Elaine Stabenow Erivelto Martinho Volpi Evandro Cezar Guerreiro Vasconcelos About the authors



Sialendoscopy is becoming the gold standard procedure for diagnosis and treatment of Salivary Gland Inflammatory Diseases.


To evaluate the learning progression of a single surgeon to implement and perform diagnostic sialendoscopy: to estimate how many procedures were necessary to achieve better results; if it was higher rate of complications in the beginning.


Retrospective analysis involving 113 consecutive sialendoscopies performed from 2010 to 2013. According to a descriptive analysis of the factors related to surgeon's experience, the casuistic was divided into two groups: group (A) comprising the first 50 exams, and group (B) the last 63. Groups were then compared concerning demographic and peri-operative aspects.


In Group A, failure to catheterize papilla were 22% versus 3% in B (p = 0.001). Failure to complete examination was 30% in group A versus 6% in B (p = 0.001), and necessity to repeat exams was 22% in group A versus 10% in B (p = 0.058). The complication rates were 18% in group A, and 10% in B (p = 0.149). Operative time was slightly shorter in group B (56 versus 41 min, p = 0.045).


We found better outcomes after the first 50 diagnostic sialendoscopies. Complication rates were statistically the same between early and late groups of experience with sialendoscopy.

Salivary gland diseases; Endoscopy; Diagnosis

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