WBC count and functional changes induced by co-administration of clofazimine and clarithromycin, in single and multiple doses, in Wistar rats

Flávia Aparecida Paina Julise Cunha Miranda Cristiane Fernandes de Freitas Tavares Regina Helena da Costa Queiroz Ana Maria de Souza About the authors

Clofazimine and clarithromycin are used to treat leprosy and infections caused by Mycobacterium avium complex. Little data on the toxicity of co-administration of these two drugs are available. Here we evaluated the potential adverse effects of polytherapy with these two drugs in male Wistar rats by determining WBCs counts and other blood cell counts, neutrophilic phagocytosis, and burst oxidative, by flow cytometry. We observed an increase in WBCs, in multiple-dose regimens, and in polymorphonuclear cells, in both single- clarithromycin only and multiple dose regimens. We also observed a reduction in mononuclear cell counts in single and multiple doses. The drugs seem to reverse the mononuclear and polymorphonuclear cell ratio. An increase in oxidative burst was observed in animals treated with the drugs administered either individually or combined. In conclusion, clofazimine and clarithromycin change WBCs counts. Our results may contribute for a better understanding of the mechanisms related to the effects of co-administrating the two drugs.

Clofazimine; Clofazimine; Clarithromycin; Clarithromycin; Leprosy; Mycobacterium avium; Mycobacterium avium; Leukocytes; Phagocytosis; Oxidative burst

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