Aplicação de métodos de biofísica no estudo da eficácia de produtos dermocosméticos

Gisele Mara Silva Gonçalves Patrícia Maria Berardo Gonçalves Maia Campos About the authors

The authors consider the application of biophysical techniques in the study of cosmetics effectiveness. The quality of a cosmetic product includes the safety of its use, the formulation stability , the visual and other sensorial aspects, and its effectiveness. The biophysical techniques have been widely used in the evaluation of the effect of formulations of topical use, mainly due to the fact of facilitating the evaluation of products in its real use conditions, that is to say, directly in the human skin. The confirmation of the effects of cosmetic products and its action mechanism, by means of experimental protocols properly elaborated using the skin biophysics is of fundamental importance. It should be thoroughly explored and quite developed seeking the improvement of the life quality of users of such products.

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