Negative effects of bisphenol A on testicular functions in albino rats and their abolitions with Tribulus terristeris L.

Bushra Munir Abdul Qadir Mohammad Tahir About the authors


This study was conducted to find out the ameliorative properties of Tribulus terristeris L (TT) on BPA induced spermatotoxicity in male albino rats. Mature male albino rats were divided into five groups, Group A was taken as control for comparison group, whereas the other four groups namely B(vehicle control), C (toxic), D (preventive control) and Group E (amelioration group) received distilled water, olive oil, BPA, TT, and (TT + BPA) respectively. Macroscopic results revealed decreased body weight of rats, weight of testes, and the relative tissue weight index (RTWI) in BPA induced group. Hormonal (testosterone) assay results revealed the decreased values of BPA treated group. Microscopic examination of testis of BPA treated rats showed reduction in leydig cells, decreased diameter of seminiferous tubules and low values of Johnsen’s scoring. Histological examination showed discontinuity and irregularity of basement membrane and sloughing of the germinal cell linage. Group E showed the body weights of rats, weight of testes, RTWI, and increased, while reduced level of testosterone, reduced number of Leydig cells, decreased diameter of seminiferous tubules and low values of Johnsen’s scoring were restored near to normal. These results demonstrate that TT might be beneficial in combating the spermatotoxicity, induced by BPA.

Bisphenol A/negative effects; Tribulus terristeris L./properties; Spermatotoxicity; Testosterone

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