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S-100 dendritic cells in normal and Dermatobia hominis infested cattle skin

Células dentríticas S-100 positivas em pele de bovinos normais e infestados por Dermatobia hominis

Teresa Cristina Goulart de OLIVEIRA-SEQUEIRA Carlos Eduardo BACHI Edy de LELLO About the authors

S-100 dendritic cells immunolabeling were investigated in uninfested skin biopsies from five Nelores, five Holstein-Friesian and five crossbreed (Holstein-Friesian x Nelores) calves. The group of crossbreed animal was experimentally infested with 100 first-instar larvae of Dermatobia hominis and biopsies were obtained 24, 48, 72 and 168 hours after infestation. Samples obtained prior to infestation from these animals were used as control. Rabbit anti-protein S-100 antibody and the avidin-biotin-peroxidase method were used for immunolabeling. Melanocytes, nerves and endothelial cells and dermal dendritic cells (DC) were positive to protein S-100. DCs were exclusively detected in the superficial dermis close to the basal layer of both normal and parasitized animals. There was no significant difference in DC numbers that might be attributed to breed. In parasitized animals the DC had thicker and deeply stained dendritic processes compared to normal animals. Statistically significant decreases in the DC number occurred after infestation.

Dendritic cell; Protein; Cattle; Skin; Dermatobia hominis

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