Effect of two kinds of diluents and two freezing methods on caprine semen quality

Silvia FERRARI Valquíria Hyppolito BARNABE About the authors

From February to June 1992, were made 85 semen collections from adult male goats, belonging to the following breeds: Alpine, Saanen, Toggemburg and Anglonubian. Seminal material was divided into 193 samples frozen in TRIS and fat-free milk diluents, through two freezing methods, that is, with and without seminal plasma. Physical and morphologic characteristics were evaluated soon after collections, having been found individual variations in volume, progressive motility, and sperm pathology. In thawed samples, new evaluations of progressive motility were made, as well as thermorresistance tests (TRT) and ratio of intact acrosomal caps. Samples diluted in TRIS with 2.6% of egg-yolk were more efficient in freezing process than those in fat-free milk diluent. Withdraw of seminal plasma did not affect the results of freezing. Relatively to acrosomal caps there were no noted differences. Three months later, samples diluted in TRIS without seminal plasma had lost progressive motility.

Frozen semen; Goats; Diluents

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