Evaluation of mineral bone density in thoroughbred horses under an initial trainning programme

The Radiographic Optical Densitometry (ROD) is an analysis method for bone mineral content evaluation in equivalence to the aluminiun milimeters (mmAI). Bone densitometry was performed by a carpal acessory bone simple latero-medial radiograph conjugated with an aluminium stepwedge after complete calcification of growth plate of radial distal epifisis. Two groups (divided by sexual category male/female) of 50 animals each were evaluated and all these 100 animals were under an initial trainning program during the experiment. Radiographs were digitalized and analyzed by a specific software (Imagelab, Softium) responsible for bone densitometry final determination expressed in mmAI. Statistical analysis (Instat) was performed on results for determination of normal curve of bone density by ROD method.

X-rays; Thoroughbred; Eqüine; Densitometry

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