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Insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins and follicular dominance in Bos taurus indicus pure and crossed cows

The objective of this study was to identify a possible biochemical marker from bovine follicles with a diameter of more than 10 mm, which could be useful to identify dominant follicles in this species. Follicular liquid (FL) was aspirated from follicles with diameters less than 5 mm, between 5 and 10 mm and more than 10 mm, from both ovaries of 37 slaughtered bovine females. After aspiration, FL was conditioned in identified eppendorfs and frozen. The eletrophoretic patterns in SDS PAGE from FL proteins were determined and it was verified that, the follicles with more than 10 mm presented a polipeptide with a molecular weight between 39 and 43 KDa identified like the IGF-binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3), which wasn't observed in follicles less than 5 mm and between 5 and 10 mm. This study suggests that this polipeptide may be utilized like a biochemical marker from follicles of more than 10 mm.

Follicular fluid; Insulin-like growth factor; Biochemical markers

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