Estrus synchronization in Nelore females (Bos taurus indicus) using melengestrol acetate with or without prostaglandin F2alpha

This study was conducted to determine the efficacy of melengestrol acetate (MGA) with or without prostaglandin F2alpha (PG) in synchronizing estrus in Zebu females (Nelore - Bos taurus indicus). Five hundred and forty-eight cows and heifers were allotted to one of three groups by age, body condition score, sex of calf and days postpartum. Group 1 served as a nonsynchronized control (n = 119) and cows were fed a protein mineral salt carrier without MGA, animals in group 2 (n = 219) were fed 0.5 mg MGA/head/day, for 14 days, and group 3 (n = 210) animals were fed 0.5 mg MGA/head/day for 14 days and were injected i.m. with 25 mg PG, 17 days after the last day of MGA feeding. Cows and heifers were artificially inseminated 12 h after the detection of estrus. The MGA/PG and MGA systems induced synchronized estrus and enabled more cows to become pregnant early in the breeding season compared with nonsynchronized control cows that were inseminated during spontaneous estrus (group 1 = 17.65% vs group 2 = 27.40%; group 3 = 31.90%). In this respect, PG injection caused a larger number of 5 day estrus responses in the MGA/PG group, greatly facilitating the use of AI.

Estrus; Synchronization; Nelore; Melengestrol; Prostaglandin

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