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The influence of probiotics addiction in the diet on the sanitary state and the performance of calves Holstein

The experiment was undertaken in the Section of Dairy Cattle of Experimental Farm of Iguatemi, Maringá, Paraná, with the objective of evaluating the effect of the probiotic on the diarrhea index, mortality and performance (height and weight) of calves. The weight mensurations and height were made immediately after the birth of the animals, at the 30 and the 60 days of age. It were used nineteen Holstein calves from birth to 60 days of age, males and females. The calves were randomly distributed in three treatments: (A) integral milk + soluble powdered probiotic, (B) integral milk + soluble powdered probiotic + probiotic paste by oral administration and (C) integral milk only. Hay and concentrate were supplied ad libitum from 20 days of age. The diarrhea index and mortality were null for the three treatments. There were no significant differences for the average daily gain and height whitens at 60 days among the treatments A (0.56 kg/day and 0.055 cm/day), B (0.41 kg/day and 0.075 cm/day) and C (0.51 kg/day and 0.043 cm/day).

Additives; Dairy cattle; Growth; Diarrhoea; Weight gain; Mortality

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