Occurrence of canine dirofilariosis in Cuiabá and environs, State of Mato Grosso - Brazil

Cláudia Gorgulho Nogueira FERNANDES Saulo Teixeira de MOURA Adriani Ribeiro DIAS Wilson de Souza VIEIRA FILHO About the authors

In order to determine the occurrence of Dirofilaria immitis in dogs in Greater Cuiabá and environs, 500 samples of blood of dogs of any breed and both sexes, with ages over six months, have been collected in houses or during anti-rabic vaccination campaigns carried out by the Centro de Controle de Zoonoses and by the team of professors and students of Faculdade de Agronomia e Medicina Veterinária da Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, from September 1995 to January 1997. The technique used in the circulating microfilariae research was KNOTT modified (Newton; Wright, 1956). From the 500 samples examined, 29 (5.8%) presented D. immitis microfilariae and three (0.6%) of Dipetalonema reconditum. These accounts of the occurrence of canine dirofilariosis in greater Cuiabá show the results of a preliminary study, which will lead to further studies so as to determine the prevalence of canine heartworm disease, by means of immunediagnosis.

Dirofilaria immitis; Dirofilariosis; Zoonoses; State of Mato Grosso

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