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Effect of charcoal-treated bovine follicular fluid on the secretion of FSH in ovariectomized and intact prepubertal heifers

Efeito do líquido folicular bovino tratado com carvão ativado na secreção de FSH em novilhas pré-púberes intatas e ovariectomizadas

The aim of the experiment was to determine whether charcoal-treated bovine follicular fluid (bFF) removed from visible (< 22 mm) follicles altered the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in intact and ovariectomized prepubertal heifers. After a 10-ml injection of bFF given at three consecutive 8-h intervals, secretion of FSH was depressed in approximately 44% of the ovariectomized heifers but there was no effect in intact heifers. When the bFF treatment ceased, there were no rebound effects on FSH concentrations above that of controls pretreatment levels. These results suggest that proteins from bFF act at the pituitary level to inhibit FSH secretion and, differently of the intact, the ovariectomized heifer is an adequate model to put this effect in evidence, particularly when the bFF have low FSH suppressing activity.

Follicular fluid; FSH; Bovine

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