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Leguminosae in Ombrophilous Dense Forest of Picinguaba Nucleus, Serra do Mar State Park, São Paulo, Brazil

This study brings the inventory of the Leguminosae species which occur in an area of Ombrophilous Dense Forest from the north coast of the state of São Paulo, in altitudes that vary from the Restinga Forest, close to the sea level, to the vegetation at the top of the Cuscuzeiro Mountain, between 1,000 to 1,279 m of altitude. The floristic survey involved the collecting of herbs, subshrubs, shrubs, trees and lianas and was done going through ranges in the different phytophysiognomies. The Leguminosae family is well represented in the Ombrophilous Dense Forest of Picinguaba Nucleus (108 species), this reinforces the premise that their species play an important role in the composition and structure of this forest. Nineteen species are endemic to the Atlantic Forest. The Ombrophilous Dense Forest of Picinguaba Nucleus has a larger number of taxa of Leguminosae than presented in previous papers, which demonstrates that the presence this family in the forests of the north coast of São Paulo is even more significant than previously estimated. Besides a genera and species list with their corresponding keys to identification, illustrations, information on flowering and fruiting periods, dispersal syndromes geographical distribution are also presented.

Atlantic forest; floristic survey; Resting forest; Fabaceae

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