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A new species of Djalmabatista Fittkau (Chironomidae, Tanypodinae) from Mato Grosso, Brazil

Uma nova espécie de Djamabatista Fittkau (Chironomidae, Tanypodinae) do Estado do Mato Grosso, Brasil

Linn Katrine Hagenlund Trond Andersen Humberto Fonseca Mendes About the authors

Djalmabatista scopulata sp. n. is described and figured as male imago, based on material collected in a light trap in Mato Grosso, Brazil. The new species groups with Djalmabatista ivanyae Fittkau, 1968 by having a projection with apical brush on the inner margin of the gonocoxite; it can be separated from D. ivanyae on the banded abdomen.

Chironomidae; Tanypodinae; Procladiini; Djalmabatista; new species; Neotropical region

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