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Checklist of Trichoptera (Insecta) from São Paulo State, Brazil

Trichoptera are the major order among the aquatic insects and constitute a large proportion of benthic macroinvertebrate community. There are about 13,000 described species of caddisflies in the world, 2,500 in Neotropics and 479 species records to Brazil. The Brazilian caddisflies fauna included members of 16 families (Anomalopsychidae, Atriplectididae, Calamoceratidae, Ecnomidae, Glossosomatidae, Helicopsychidae, Hydrobiosidae, Hydropsychidae, Hydroptilidae, Leptoceridae, Limnephilidae, Odontoceridae, Philopotamidae, Polycentropodidae, Sericostomatidae and Xiphocentronidae). In São Paulo State, there are 126 registered species in 15 families, without records only to Limnephilidae.

Trichoptera; biodiversity of the State of São Paulo; BIOTA/FAPESP Program

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