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Checklist of Cryptophyceae from São Paulo State, Brazil

Based on the information provided by the monograph on the group published by the project Phycology Flora of São Paulo (BIOTA), the collection deposited in the Scientific Herbarium "Mary P. Eneyda Kauffmann Fidalgo " of the State of São Paulo, the List of Endangered Species of the Flora of Brazil and scientific papers, dissertations and theses (with descriptions and illustrations), there are nine genera and 39 species of cryptophytes, 16 of which are unique species to the State of São Paulo, all recorded in freshwater environments. The lack of specialists in the State of São Paulo and Brazil as well as problems in the sampling strategy, the necessary use of electronic microscopy and the absence of molecular biology studies are factors that must have underestimated the taxonomic knowledge of Cryptophyceae in the state.

Cryptophyceae; Cryptomonas; biodiversity; BIOTA/FAPESP Program

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