First occurrences of the greater bonneted Eumops perotis (Molossidae) in the State of Paraná and synthesis of the known records for Brazil

Primeiras ocorrências de Eumops perotis (Molossidae) no Estado do Paraná e sintese dos registros conhecidos para o Brasil

Urubatan Moura Skerratt Suckow Gledson Vigiano Bianconi Lays Cherobim Parolin Isaac Passos Lima About the authors

Eumops perotis has just a few confirmed records in South America and an uneven distribution throughout the continent. In this paper, we show the first occurrence of this molossid in the State of Paraná, Southern Brazil and summarize all the known localities for the country.

Chiroptera; Molossidae; distribution; new records; South America

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