The gull (Larus dominicanus) distribution during the year of the 2005 at Cananéia-Iguape-Ilha Comprida estuary, São Paulo, Brazil

Edison Barbieri About the author

This work analyzed Larus dominicanus's abundance and its seasonal variation along 2005 at Cananéia-Iguape-Ilha Comprida estuary, southern São Paulo, Brazil. The gulls were found throughout the year at the study area. Censuses were made from January to December 2005, on a weekly basis. A total of 48 census were realized in each five areas of the estuary. The results show the L. dominicanus is a common species at the estuary and the number of individuals varied among the sites. The lowest numbers were found in the winter, agreeing with the nesting season of the local population. During late summer and early spring the numbers increased.

seasonal variation; abundance; estuary; Larus dominicanus; seabird

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