Mosquito survey (Diptera: Culicidae) from Environmental Conservation Unit Desterro, Santa Catarina Island, Southern Brazil

Mariana Reis Gerson Azulim Müller Carlos Brisola Marcondes About the authors

Two thousand and sixty one specimens distributed in 36 species of mosquitoes were collected between August 2007 and May 2008 at the Environmental Conservation Unit Desterro (located in Santa Catarina State, Brazil). The five most abundant species were: Runchomyia reversa (29.74%), Ochlerotatus scapularis (14.80%), Wyeomyia pallidoventer (9.51%), Anopheles cruzii (8.30%) and Sabethes purpureus (7.03%). Ten species of Culicidae are firstly reported to the Santa Catarina State, and of these, six belong to the genus Wyeomyia.

Aedes; Anopheles; Atlantic Forest; new records; vectors

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