Tolerance of three direct drilled onion cultivars to Ioxynil and Oxyfluorfen

Rubem Silvério de Oliveira Junior José Francisco da Silva Lino Roberto Ferreira Fernando Pinheiro Reis About the authors

To estimate the tolerance of three onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivars (Baia Periforme Super Precoce, Granex Ouro and Texas Grano 502 PRR), cultivated under direct drilled system, to Ioxynil and Oxyfluorfen, and the efficiency of these herbicides in weed control a trial was installed in Viçosa, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Three rates of each herbicide (0.125, 0.250, 0.372 kg/ha and 0.096, 0.192, 0.288 kg/ha) were applied 27 days after drilling, in a nested factorial design with four replications. Ioxynil was more selective than Oxyfluorfen, specially at higher rates. The lowest rate of Ioxynil did not provide effective control of most weeds present. Baia Periforme Super Precoce cultivar was more tolerant in relation to Texas Grano 502 PRR. The susceptibility of Texas Grano 502 PRR to Oxyfluorfen was expressed by significant decreases in final onion plant population and bulb yield.

anion; Allium cepa L; direct-drilled; Ioxynil; Oxyfluorfen; cultivars tolerance

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