Phenology and yield of 'Niabell' table grape grafted on three rootstocks

Combinations of the table grape cultivar 'Niabell' grafted on three rootstocks (IAC 572 'Jales', IAC 766 'Campinas' and 'Riparia do Traviú') were evaluated in a trial conducted at Jundiaí (São Paulo State, Brazil). Data on grape plant phenology, yield and cluster weight were obtained using a randomized block design (3 treatments, 8 blocks and 3 plants/plot) during the years of 1999, 2000 and 2001. The experiment was installed in a trellis system, trained vineyard with wires and plants in a row spacing of 2 x 1 m. The duration of the phenological phase pruning-harvest lasted from 138 to 144 days. The average values of grape yield obtained for 'Niabell' grafted on 'IAC 766', 'Ripária do Traviú' and 'IAC 572' were, respectively, 2213, 2171 and 2013 g/plant. Cluster weight was higher for 'Niabell' grafted on 'IAC 766' (235,9 g).

table grape; cultivar; rootstocks; Vitis spp; phenology

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