Frust effect in the development of common bean, in succession cover crops and nitrogen fertilization

The objective this work was verify the effect of frost in development of common bean in experimentation succession cover crops and nitrogen fertilization. The experimental design used was the randomized blocks in split-plot design, with four replications. The plots were represented by species Sorghum bicolor guinea type, Canavalia brasiliensis, Sorghum bicolor, Crotalaria juncea, Pennisetum glaucum and witness maintained "clean"; the sub parcels by doses of nitrogen applied in topdressing (0, 25, 50, and 75 kg ha-1 of N), being used urea as source of N. Less damages and severity of the frost were observed in bean plants grown after the species Canavalia brasiliensis and Crotalaria juncea, due to the least amount of residual dry mass in relation to the grasses crop. Higher yields of common bean after the frost were obtained with Crotalaria juncea and Canavalia brasiliensis and with application of doses between 44.5 and 52.0 kg ha-1 of N in topdressing

Phaseolus vulgaris L; no-tillage; temperature; doses of nitrogen; yield

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