Evaluation of onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivars, at different sowing times, in Monte Alegre do Sul, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Rogério Salles Lisbão João Baptista Fornasier Toshio Igue Aluisio Padilha Cury About the authors

An experiment was carried out at Estação Experimental de Monte Alegre do Sul, State of São Paulo, Brazil (22º42'S), in order to evaluate two new introductions of onion (Allium cepa L.), cvs. Crioula and Valencianita San Juan. The sowing times were March, April, May and June. Results showed that there was influence of the sowing time on the yield and marketable bulb average weight of both cultivars. The yield of cv. Crioula was greater than that of cv. Valencianita San Juan on March and April sowings, but not on those of May and June. The same was observed in relation to the bulb average weight. Considering the type of bulbs and percentage of bolting, it was.concluded that April is the best sowing time for cv. Crioula under the climatic conditions of Monte Alegre do Sul. It was also observed that the cycle of both cultivars was shortened by delaying the sowing date; however if the delay is too long small plants and consequently small bulbs will be formed.

onion; Allium cepa L.; cultivars; sowing times

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