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Maintenance pruning in physalis commercial production


Due to field and literature divergences about the best management of physalis (Physalis peruviana L.), this paper aimed to verify the effect of maintenance pruning on the productivity and quality of its fruit. The plants were submitted to 4 different ways of management during their entire cycle: (i) no stem pruning; (ii) keeping only 4 stems; (iii) keeping 6 stems; and (iv) keeping 8 stems. The sampling began 80 days after transplantation (DAT) of the seedlings and it was executed weekly, totaling 7 evaluations. The results demonstrated that pruned plants produced higher caliber fruits. However, the plants that did not receive pruning were the most productive. Therefore, as long as the price of physalis fruit is a matter of quantity and not of quality, it is not recommended to perform maintenance pruning on the plants.

Key words
Physalis peruviana L.; post-harvest; small fruits; culture management

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