Damage caused by adults of Epicauta atomaria (Germar, 1821) on Pithecellobium edwallii Hoehne plants

André Luiz Lourenção Victor Paulo de Oliveira Marco Antonio Milan Boaventura About the authors

A high infestation of adults of Epicauta aromaria (Germar, 1821) (Coleoptera: Meloidae) feeding on the foliage of Pithecellobium edwallii Hoehne was observed at the end of 1982 in Olímpia, Onda Verde, Tanabi and Pariquera-Açu, all in São Paulo State, Brazil. Such leguminosas is utilized as a shade tree for the cacao crop. The defoliation was evaluated by visual estimation of the percentage of leaf ares eaten. P. edwallii uses in Olímpia, Onda Verde, Tanabi and Parigüera-Açu presented, respectively, the averages of 32, 20, 17 and 20% of defoliatíon.

Epicauta aromaria (Germar, 1821); Pithecellobium edwallii Hoehne; defoliation

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