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Chemical composition of seeds of Canavalia gladiata D.C.

Canavalia gladiata D.C. is commonly used as a green manure crop and its seeds are still seldom used for feeding. The objective of this study was to determine the chemical composition of the seeds in order to evaluate its potential value as a food. The seed dry matter presented the following average composition: crude protein 29%, crude fiber 6%, starch 37%, ether extract 1.5%, nitrogen free extract 62%, and total sugar 7.5%. The aminoacid contents in the protein fraction were: lysine 6.5%, histidine 4%, arginine 6%, tryptophan 2%, treonine 6%, cistine 0.8%, valine 6%, methionine 0.5%, isoleucine 5%, leucine 9%, tyrosine 2% and phenylalanine 5%. The data indicated the seeds of C. gladiata have a potential value as a food, however they need a long cooking period to eliminate toxic compounds.

bean seeds; Canavalia gladiata D.C.; storage substances

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