Spatial-temporal variation of leaf area index and brix in sugarcane

Maximiliano Salles Scarpari Edgar Gomes Ferreira Beauclair About the authors

The goals of this work were to study the spatial-temporal variation of leaf area index (LAI) and soluble solids (Brix) in sugarcane cultived in Piracicaba, São Paulo State, in the years of 2003 and 2004. Geoestatistic methodology was used aiming improvement in the simulation of solar radiation interception, and specially adjustment of extinction coefficient. During growth cycle larger values of leaf area index were verified in variety SP 80-3280 than in RB 85 5156. Those values ranged from 6.41 to 4.27 respectively, and were measured in 1/14/2004, with large spatial variation. Higher values for LAI and smaller values for Brix were also observed under high water available, indicating a delay in maturation. The only Brix measurement performed in the varieties SP 80-3280 and RB 85 5156 on 4/29/2004 indicated average values of 12.86 and 17.06 respectively, demonstrating the precocity of RB 85 5156. The use of daily variable values of the extinction coefficient is recommended, improving the simulation of solar radiation interception, minimizing mistakes estimating the productivity when different sugarcane varieties were analyzed.

extinction coefficient; geoestatistic; crop models; planning

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