Actinic cystitis associated with urinary tract infection by Candida glabrata as a differential diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia. Case report

Lidia Yanka Hoffmann Alexandre Daronco Eduardo Hildebrand Seyboth About the authors



Chronic pelvic pain is still a little-known syndrome with different etiological agents, high morbidity rate, with little information about its etiopathogenesis, which makes its treatment difficult, with symptoms that significantly impact the patient’s quality of life. Among the conditions that lead to chronic pelvic pain, actinic cystitis stands out, a complication of pelvic radiotherapy. This pathology presents signs, symptoms, and complications similar to pudendal neuralgia. The objective of this report is to present one of the etiologies of chronic pelvic pain and its treatment.


Sixty-three-year-old male patient who sought medical care with a history of chronic pelvic pain attributed to pudendal neuralgia. The diagnosis was actinic cystitis, resulting from pelvic radiotherapy for prostate adenocarcinoma and urinary tract infection by Candida glabrata, an opportunistic fungal agent. The patient was treated with fluconazole with total control of the painful symptoms and significant improvement in the quality of life.


A case report with total pain control in a patient with an initial diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia, who after the clinical evaluation, imaging tests, cystoscopy, and lab tests was diagnosed with actinic cystitis associated to the urinary tract infection by Candida glabrata.

Candida glabrata; Cystitis; Pelvic pain; Pudendal neuralgia

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