Inclusão de restrições dinâmicas no problema de planejamento de potência reativa

This paper presents a new methodology for power systems operation planning in which dynamic constraints related to the rotor shaft impacts are incorporated into the optimal power flow problem. In this new model the transients at the instant of the contingency is incorporated to the OPF problem, as an additional constraint, in order to keep the rotor shaft torques within limits, which are recommended by the National System Operator (ONS). Then the traditional problem of reactive power planning in electrical power systems includes the generator rotor shaft impact effects when a contingency is present. The problem is formulated using the primal-dual interior point technique associated to the mathematical Benders decomposition. Case studies using the IEEE-14 and IEEE-118 bus test systems are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.

Operation Planning; Dynamics Contratints; Contingency Analysis; Optimal Power Flow; Interior Points; Benders Decomposition

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