Quality of quail eggs at different times of storage

Qualidade de ovos de codorna em diferentes tempos de armazenamento

Rafael Carlos Nepomuceno Pedro Henrique Watanabe Ednardo Rodrigues Freitas Carlos Eduardo Braga Cruz Maria Simone Mendes Peixoto Mayara Lemos de Sousa About the authors

A trial was conducted to evaluate quality of quail eggs from two companies (A and B) at two storage times (5 and 15 days after packing). A total of 480 eggs were kept at room temperature and distributed in a completely randomized design in 2x2factorial arrangement (companies and storage time). The results indicated that trays from company B presented higher weight, as well as mean egg weight. However, the eggs in trays from company A showed greater uniformity. Evaluating the external quality, we found that above 90% of eggshell were considered with total integrity, and no difference for this characteristic between companies was found. The eggs from company A presented lower average weight in comparison to those from company B, regarding storage time. No differences were observed between eggs from companies A and B for Haugh unit value. Storage time of 15 days after packing promoted reduction in Haugh unit value in comparison to those stored for 5 days. Quail eggs from company A presented lower variation in weight, although heavier eggs are produced by company B. Internal quality of quail eggs from both companies was similar. Storage time affected eggs quality.

eggs standardization; Haugh unit value; shell integrity

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