Effect of raising the cutting height in corn on performance and carcass traits of lambs

Efeito da elevação da altura de colheita do milho sobre o desempenho e as características de carcaça de cordeiros

Júlio Hülse Mikael Neumann Guilherme Fernando Mattos Leão André Martins de Souza Leslei Caroline dos Santos Gabriela Letícia Dalai Vigne About the authors


This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of raising the cutting height of the corn plant destined to silage production, in relation to the dry biomass production and possible influence on the performance of confined lambs. The treatments tested were: SM20: Corn silage harvested at 20 cm height. SM80: Corn silage harvested at 80 cm height. Cutting at 80 cm from the ground reduced the dry biomass production by 2.375 kg DM ha-1, but did not reduce the carrying capacity and improved the digestibility of the feed by 4.59%, besides improving the carcass conversion, carcass transformation efficiency and carcass yield by 1.04%, 4.68% and 2.20%, respectively for animals fed silage of corn cut at 20 cm from the ground. Production of silage harvested farther from the ground provides smaller volumes per area, but increases the quality of the final feed and improves the performance of the animals.

apparent dry matter digestibility; animal performance; ingestive behavior; productivity

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