Cryopreservation of ram semen in powdered coconut water (ACP-102c) based extender

The aim of this study was to evaluate the ACP-102c extender in the cryopreservation of ram semen compared to tris-glucose-egg yolk (TRIS) extender and fresh semen. Forty-eight ejaculates were collected from four rams and two aliquots per ejaculate were taken for dilution and cryopreservation in ACP-102c or TRIS and a third aliquot used for the fresh semen analysis. Either the fresh semen and cryopreserved in both extenders were evaluated for viability, integrity of plasma and acrosomal membrane, hypoosmotic swelling test, DNA fragmentation and sperm motility. The extenders did not differ for sperm viability, acrosome and plasma membrane integrity, DNA fragmentation and quantitative and qualitative parameters of sperm velocity after thawing, but differed in hypoosmotic swelling test, total and progressive motility and lateral extent of the head as well as in all motility parameters evaluated (except linearity and straightness) after two hours of incubation at 37 ºC. There was variability among rams in total and progressive motility of semen cryopreserved in ACP-102c after thawing. The ACP-102c extender showed less protection in the cryopreservation of ram sperm when compared to TRIS, but the improvement in its formulation and freezing protocols may make it an alternative to freezing ram semen.

ACP-102c; cryopreservation; ram semen

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