Condom use among adolescents in public schools of the city of Uberaba, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil: knowledge and attitudes

Edna Maria Alves Valim Flavia Aparecida Dias Cristiane Paulin Simon Débora Vieira de Almeida Maria Laura Pinto Rodrigues About the authors


This study aimed to identify knowledge about STDs, self-reported attitudes of adolescents related to sexual practices and identify factors associated with the no use of condoms.


Crosssectional study with 1,820 adolescents attending public schools of Uberaba (MG) city, in 2005 and 2006.


Most of the students were male, talk about sex, reported not having STDs, considered that the male condom avoid STDs and reported using condoms. Factors related to no use of condom were being female, believe that the condom does not prevent STDs, be inconvenient and have a steady partner.


The results indicate that most teenagers have enough information about STDs and adopt responsible behavior in relation to their health and theirs partner's, but to take continued actions are essentials for the prevention importance to be perceived by all.

adolescent; sexually transmited diseases; condoms

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